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BU Automotive GmbH is the company that for 25 years has been an automotive wholesale supplier for European market. It also sells components under its own brand BU and, in addition, packs them for the third party manufacturers. The company’s plants are located in Turkey. The head office dealing with distribution in Europe is located in Krefeld, Germany.

BU Car parts.

The firm makes components for commercial vehicles, trailers and buses. This brand offers all parts for various automotive systems and units.

  1. Engine and transmission. This group includes cylinder heads and blocks, oil pumps, camshafts, filters, engine supports, pistons and flywheel, clutch servos and kits, clutch discs and hoses, gearboxes, drive shafts, etc.
  2. Cooling and air conditioning systems. This category includes radiators, thermostats, compressors, intercoolers, fans and other components.
  3. Fuel system. In this category you can find overflow valves, filler caps, pumps and filters, fuel level sensor and others.
  4. Exhaust system. Its elements are silencer, exhaust pipes, exhaust manifolds and air filters.
  5. Braking system. It contains brake discs, drums, pads and hoses, air driers, compressors and other parts.
  6. Steering and suspension. This category includes springs, stabilizers, bolts and bearings, shock absorbers, hydraulic pumps, mountings, steering columns, steering wheel locks, hub covers, ball joints, axles, drive shafts, gearheads and other products.
  7. Electrics and electronics. The BU company makes starters and alternators, lightning system components, relays, switches and other components.
  8. Body. This category offers vehicle exterior and interior parts as well as additional comfort devices: cabin shock absorbers, vibration absorbers, wipers, expansion tanks, washer pumps, bumpers, radiator grills, door handles, mirrors, rubber seals and many other parts.

BU car parts go through multi-level tests to comply with general international standards. Each part is placed into durable and safe packaging which, at customer's request can be labelled with his own logos and marks.

Buy BU Car parts online.

If you’re interested in purchasing BU car parts, we recommend buying them from our online store. There are several reasons why you should deal with us:

  1. You’ll receive your goods as soon as possible. We value your time.
  2. With us you can save your money. We have a flexible discounting system on all the products represented in our catalogue.
  3. You can be sure that each part is reliable. We know we sell only high quality car parts, therefore we are ready to give you a 2 year guarantee on all the products.
  4. You’ll be able to avoid trouble choosing car parts even if you have a rare car. In online store Buycarparts.co.uk there is a wide range of components that would suit most of cars and our technical support specialists will help you to find your way around it.
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BU Manifold, exhaust system 216497 Review

BU Manifold, exhaust system 216497

excellent price and fast delivery .
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