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BTS TURBO Сar parts

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BTS Turbo is a well-known German car parts brand that offers a wide range of new and remanufactured turbochargers, service sets for their replacement, and diagnostic equipment for turbocharging systems. Starters, alternators, and camshafts are also sold under this brand. It is owned by the Bauer Group.

History of BTS Turbo

The history of the BTS Turbo brand begins in 2012. The production facilities are located in Innsbruck, Austria. Thanks to the establishment of this brand, the Bauer Group was able to fill a niche in the remanufactured parts market. The company's management adheres to strict production standards, invests in advanced technologies, and uses cutting-edge equipment.

Today, the company's products hold strong positions in the market for new and remanufactured components. Thanks to the well-developed dealer network of the company and close cooperation with leading distributors, everyone has the opportunity to buy BTS Turbo auto parts online.

BTS Turbo auto parts

  1. Turbochargers: The BTS Turbo catalogue contains both new and remanufactured components. As its suppliers, the company has chosen leading manufacturers of automotive equipment such as BorgWarner, Garrett Motion, Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe, Cummins Turbo Technologies, and others. The process of remanufacturing turbochargers is carried out using the most innovative technologies, ensuring that these parts are not inferior to new ones in quality and technical specifications.
  2. Turbo Service Sets: When a turbocharger needs to be replaced, experts advise using this kit, which includes the following elements:
    • turbocharger;
    • pipes and hoses;
    • mounting parts;
    • special additive for protecting the turbocharger from accelerated wear.
  3. Starters and alternators: These are notable for their excellent quality, and undergo computer-aided testing. At the company’s warehouses, there is always a wide assortment of these components for cars of the most popular models.
  4. Camshafts: These are made of high-quality materials, and are characterised by a long service life and high performance.
  5. Diagnostic equipment: This category includes devices that allow you to test the main turbocharger performance parameters: crankcase ventilation pressure, exhaust backpressure, and the operability of the pneumatic actuator.
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