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Online Сar parts catalog from BOSS FILTERS

BOSS FILTERS is a brand, under which various filters for commercial vehicles are sold. It was registered in 2013 and belongs to the Inter Cars company, a large European distributor of car parts. Most components presented under the brand BOSS FILTERS are made in Europe and are low-end products.


In the BOSS FILTERS catalogue, the following kinds of filters can be found:

  1. Air filters. Clean the intake air that gets into the engine from dust and contaminants. All components are subject to multi-level testing and comply with European quality standards.
  2. Oil filters. Prevent engine components from wearing out, feature low oil flow resistance. Have a long service life.
  3. Fuel filters. Eliminate moisture and contaminants effectively, ensure optimal fuel supply for the engine. Made from high quality materials resistant to aggressive chemicals.
  4. Cabin filters. Retain particles of dust and dirt, clean air from harmful pollution. In their production only cutting edge equipment is used, therefore all components feature high quality and provide high level of the cabin air filtration.
  5.  For automatic gearbox. Producing these components, they implement all modern technologies and innovations. The main advantage of these filters is their high efficiency, due to which operating life of transmission components and intervals between scheduled hydraulic oil changes are enhanced dramatically.
  6. For coolants. Prevent sediment formation, improve cooling system performance. Their mountings and sizes fully correspond with the original equipment.

Buy BOSS FILTERS Car parts online.

A comprehensive assortment of BOSS FILTER car parts is represented in the online store Buycarparts.co.uk. Buying from us, you not only purchase high quality components, but also have an opportunity to save your money and time. For all components we are ready to provide a two-year guarantee. Moreover, there are always some promotions and discounts. Our specialists work fast and well, therefore you can easy choose a component that will fit your car best and you’ll receive your order as soon as possible.

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