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Blue Print is an English brand of car parts. It belongs to the Automotive Distributors Ltd. company that, at present, is a part of the Bilstein Group. The brand Blue Print offers car parts for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, American, English and Indian vehicles. Blue Print product range for Japanese and Korean vehicles is the most comprehensive in Europe.

Blue Print Background

The ADL company, the brand owner, was established in 1983 in Great Britain as a subsidiary of Mazda Cars Ltd that was engaged in the distribution of spare parts made by the third party manufacturers. Later, the ADL management decided to buy out its shares and become independent from Mazda and start its own business. In 1994, the trademark Blue Print was officially registered.

Today, the name of this brand is a symbol of the highest quality and reliability. In Great Britain the company has been awarded seven times in a row as “The best supplier of the year”. Packages with the Blue Print label might contain spare parts made on Bilstein Group factories as well as car parts made by leading OEMs such as Kashiyama, Nishioka, HKT, GMB, Miyaco, Nissens, Kuhler Schneider, Kyosan/Mitsubishi, Asco, MRK and others, therefore, Blue Print components are of the same high quality as original ones.

The company has representatives in 30 world’s countries, supports and develops dealer network actively, issues and updates its catalogues all the time. Moreover, everyone who wants to buy Blue Print car parts online has such an opportunity. At present, the company’s assortment includes more than 23000 items in 160 product groups.

Blue Print Car parts

  1. Filters. There are more than 1900 various kinds of filters in the company’s catalogue. All components are produced according to the highest standards and go through multi-level control at all stages of production. Under the brand Blue Print, the following types of filters are represented:
    • oil filters;
    • air filters;
    • fuel filters;
    • cabin filters.
  2. Brake system elements. This category includes more than 7000 items. To these belong:
    • brake discs and drums.
    • brake pads and shoes.
    • calipers;
    • wheel cylinders;
    • ABS sensors.
  3. Clutches. The product range of this category consists of 2500 items and includes:
    • clutch kits;
    • flywheels;
    • master and slave cylinders;
    • cables.
  4. Steering and suspension.
    • electric power steering;
    • suspension arms;
    • springs and leaf springs;
    • ball joints;
    • stabilizer links.
  5. Engine components.
    • ignition coils;
    • oxygen sensors;
    • air-flow meters;
    • camshaft position sensors;
    • knock sensors;
    • crankshafts.
  6. Transmission.
    • hub bearing kits;
    • differential mounts;
    • drive shafts;
    • constant-velocity joints.
  7. Drive belts and chains.
    • timing belt kits;
    • cogged belts;
    • tensioners;
    • chain drives;
    • idler pulleys.
  8. Engine cooling system components.
    • ventilators;
    • radiators;
    • thermostats;
    • water pumps;
    • extension tanks;
    • temperature sensors.
  9. Body.
    • gas struts;
    • window lifters and wipers;
    • water pumps.
  10. Electrics.
    • starters;
    • alternators;
    • alternator pulleys;
    • high-voltage wires;
    • glow plugs.
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