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Barum is one of the largest European manufacturers of car tyres. It belongs to the German concern Continental AG. It is engaged in the production of summer and winter tyres for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and sports cars and special vehicles as well.

Barum Background

The history of the brand Barum dates back to 1948, when in Zlín, the Czech Republic, three companies producing tyres Bata, Rubena and Mitas merged. Their initial letters formed the new brand name Barum. Officially, the brand belonged to the Bata company. In 1972, they finished building a new plant in Otrokovice, which works even nowadays.

At present, the brand Barum belongs to the Barum Continental SPOL company that is a part of the Continental Group. Its plants are located across the whole Europe – in Romania, France, Portugal, Germany and other countries. Nearly one-third of the Barum products are original components. The company specialises in the production of tyres for most famous brands. Therefore, every owner of BMW, Škoda, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Audi, Iveco, Renault, Fiat and other cars has an opportunity to buy Barum tyres online.

Barum tyres.

  1. Summer tyres. This category includes the following series of car tyres:
    • Bravuris 2. These are the first tyres of this brand with asymmetric tread pattern. Made from high quality rubber with silicon compounds. Reinforced groove structure protects the tyre from deformation and ensures secure grip with the road surface in all weathers.
    • Bravuris 3 HM. Intended for those who prefer sports driving. Feature high wear-resistance. Due to asymmetric tread pattern, provide excellent manoeuvrability and handling on winding roads, in particular. Good directional stability is reached due to three longitudinal pitches with lateral grooves that improve water disperse from the ground contact area.
    • Brillantis 2. Their main advantages are inexpensive price and excellent performance characteristics. They feature asymmetric tread pattern as well. The inner side is responsible for the wet road grip and the outer side is used for the dry road handling. The rubber compound contains silicon particles that provide its high flexibility and long service life.
    • Bravuris 4x4. Made for SUVs and off-road vehicles. Intended for using in severe climate conditions. Made from materials that are resistant to temperature changes. Fitted with wear-sensor TWI made in the form of a line on the tread. Feature excellent performance characteristics both while driving off-road and in the urban area.
    • Vanis 2. Have a symmetric tread pattern. Due to closed shoulder grooves, ensure noiseless use. Wide shoulder areas provide good road grip and safe handling. Reinforced sidewall protection prolongs their service life.
  2. Winter tyres.
    • Polaris 3. Thanks to wide shoulder areas and additional grooves, the excellent grip with wet road surface is reached. Special snow catchers on the longitudinal grooves increase braking efficiency on a snowy road.
    • SnoVanis 2. Give smooth and noiseless driving, reduce fuel consumption. Intended for minibuses, minivans and light commercial vehicles.
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