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AUGER Сar parts

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Auger is a German brand of car parts. It belongs to the Auger Autotechnik GmbH company that specialises in wholesales of spares for commercial vehicles. It is the leader in this segment on the German market.

Auger Background

The history of the trade mark Auger originates to 2003, when in Hürth, a satellite town of Köln, a small family-run company was founded; it was engaged in selling car parts for European commercial vehicles, buses and trailers. In 2005, the company management opened a research unit, where they develop their own equipment and also test third party components. Company’s products are mainly intended for the European aftermarket.

At present, warehouses that belong to the company are located in Germany, Russia and Romania with total area of 12000 m², and number of its employees reaches 90 people. Company’s products are represented in more than 60 world’s countries and include over 30000 items. You can always buy Auger car parts online on our website at your convenience.

Auger Car parts
  1. Engine components.
  2. Brake system elements.
  3. Suspension components.
  4. Body parts.
  5. Pneumatic system components.
  6. Clutches.
  7. Filters.
  8. Engine cooling system components.
  9. Steering components.
  10. Drive system components.
  11. Repair kits.

Auger car parts are subject to strict control at all production stages – starting from the choice of raw materials and to packing end products. Producing equipment the company tries to follow its motto: ”The Original is not necessarily the Best!”, therefore its products possess high quality of production, accurate compliance with original equipment, excellent specifications and reasonable pricing.

Original top quality, low-priced car parts and spare parts from AUGER AUGER original products bestsellers

AUGER | Oil sump

AUGER | Window winder handle

AUGER | Radiator support panel

  • AUGER car parts: Fan clutch Fan clutch
  • AUGER car parts: Boost pressure sensor Boost pressure sensor
  • AUGER car parts: Brake caliper bracket Brake caliper bracket
  • AUGER car parts: Reluctor ring Reluctor ring
  • AUGER car parts: Brake light switch Brake light switch
  • AUGER car parts: Radiator fan switch Radiator fan switch
  • AUGER car parts: Blower motor resistor Blower motor resistor
  • AUGER car parts: Window switch Window switch
  • AUGER car parts: Reverse light switch Reverse light switch
  • AUGER car parts: Fuel cap Fuel cap
  • AUGER car parts: Fuel pressure regulator Fuel pressure regulator
  • AUGER car parts: Starter solenoid Starter solenoid
  • AUGER car parts: Water pump Water pump
  • AUGER car parts: Front silencer Front silencer
  • AUGER car parts: Radiator cap Radiator cap
  • AUGER car parts: Headlight switch Headlight switch
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