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ASMET Сar parts

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ASMET is a Polish manufacturer of non-original car parts. It specialises in the production of exhaust system elements. Company’s products are exported into many European countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Great Britain, Iceland, Romania and the Czech Republic.

ASMET Background

The history of the trademark dates back into 1989, when in Czersk Andrzej Szarski founded the company ASMET. At first, the firm was engaged in the production of body parts and exhaust system components for domestic vehicles.  At the beginning of 1990s, the company began to develop rapidly. Its assortment became wider due to components for West European cars and products were sold on large scales both in Poland and beyond it.

At present the company’s industrial facilities are located in Czersk and Ględowo. Apart from those two factories, the company also owns research and development department. The overall number of its employees has exceeded 200 people. ASMET auto parts have been displayed at famous automotive exhibitions not once. One of the latest auto shows where their advantages were demonstrated was the International Motor Show in Frankfurt that took place in September 13-17, in 2016.

The ASMET catalogue presents over 1300 items for more than 30 popular in Europe car makes. The company sells its products through a well-spread distribution network, supplies them for specialized stores and repair shops, cooperates with famous dealers. You can also buy ASMET car parts online using our website services.

ASMET Car parts

  1. Exhaust pipes. In their production, the company uses tin and steel aluminized on both sides resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. The thickness of the aluminium coat is 120 g/m². Some parts of pipes are made of stainless steel.
  2. Mufflers. The absorbing element used in their design is made of synthetic fibres and features high durability. Dampen vibrations and sound oscillations effectively. Do not absorb moisture. Resistant to high temperatures. Reduce harmful emissions. In the company’s catalogue the following mufflers can be found:
    • front;
    • middle;
    • rear.
  3. Mountings. Provide an easy installation and adjustment of various components of exhaust systems. Ensure secure connection of the components, prevent formation of gaps between elements.
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