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Alanko is a German trademark, under which both new and restored components of vehicle electrical power supply systems are marketed.

Alanko Background

The Alanko company is a famous manufacturer and distributor of auto parts with more than 35 years of experience. The company’s headquarters are located in Sinzig, Germany. The number of company’s employees is about 50 people and its products are represented in more than 25 world countries. Almost 40% of Alanko all car parts are distributed in Western Europe, 20% – in Northern America and 10% in Southern, Northern and Eastern Europe each as well as in the Middle East.

The company specialises in three main activities:

  • own production of starters, alternators, compressors and other components;
  • remanufacturing of original equipment;
  • distribution of car spares made by other producers including OEMs such as Bosch, Valeo, Delco Remy, Marelli.

In the Alanko catalogue, there are more than 10000 kinds of alternators, starters, compressors and turbochargers assembly and over 30000 items of their components. You can buy Alanko car parts online on our website.

Alanko Car parts

  1. Electrics. This category is represented by starters, alternators, rectifiers and voltage regulators, belt drive elements, electromotors, solenoid switches, sensors and other equipment.
  2. Air conditioning components. To them belong condensers, compressors, air dryers, cabin filters, fans, heat exchangers and various additional components.
  3. Engine components. This category includes turbochargers, gasket kits, CHRA cartridges, valves, fuel and oil pumps, filters, lambda sensors, ignition coils, accelerator cables, exhaust manifolds and other products.
  4. Transmission components. In the company’s catalogue, you can find a wide range of drive shafts, ball joints and clutch elements.
  5. Brake system components. This category includes brake discs, brake pads, calipers and drums, wheel cylinders, hoses, wear indicators and other parts.
  6. Suspension and steering elements. To them belong hub bearings, transverse control arms, wheel hub modules, shock absorbers and springs, ball-joints, stabilizers and steering rods.
  7. Cooling system components. These are radiators, intercoolers, thermostats, fans, water pumps, etc.
  8. Windscreen and headlight washer system. The Alanko company offers nozzles, pumps, wiper motors, sealing elements, window lifters, extension tanks.
  9. Additional elements. Various mountings, springs, gas struts and hoses refer to this category.
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