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AKS Dasis is a German trademark, under which engine cooling and air conditioning system components are made. The AKS Dasis Dommermuth GmbH & Co.KG company, the brand owner, was established in 1997 as a result of several firms having merged into one. Today AKS Dasis is a large supplier of OE for leading car-manufacturers. Under this brand, commercial vehicle, agricultural machines and industrial machinery components are also produced.

AKS Dasis Car parts

The AKS Dasis product range for passenger cars can be divided into the following categories:

  • engine cooling fans;
  • engine cooling radiators;
  • air conditioning condensers;
  • radiator fan clutch;
  • oil coolers;
  • heat exchangers for cabin heating systems;
  • intercoolers.

The manufacturer uses durable raw materials; therefore AKS Dasis components are able to provide flawless running of cooling and conditioning systems and comply with international quality standards. In the production of spare parts, engineers consider the design of every particular vehicle model, therefore the service life of conditioning and cooling systems can be used more efficiently.

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