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AJUSA Сar parts, Car detailing

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Ajusa is one of the world’s popular brands of automotive components. The company has the largest range of products for Japanese vehicles among European manufacturers. Ajusa car parts feature affordable prices and high quality at the same time. You can buy Ajusa car parts online under favourable terms in the online store Buycarparts.co.uk.

Ajusa Background

The brand name Ajusa was created in 1972, in Spain. In 1978 the company started exporting its components into Latin American countries and in 1980 – into Europe. Over the first years of its functioning, the firm produced original parts for leading European manufacturers: in 1982 the first gaskets were sold to Renault and in 1984 to the Volkswagen group.

At present, Ajusa specialises in the production of cylinder head bolts and cylinder head gaskets, camshafts and hydraulic lifters for the aftermarket. The production of the components for a definite vehicle model begins three years after it entered the mass production. The Ajusa car parts comply with ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001 international standards. The first two of them state quality management system requirements and the third one set environmental management system requirements. The product range accounts for more than 35000 items.

The Ajusa company has its representatives in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, in African and European countries as well.

Ajusa Car parts

  1. Cylinder head gaskets. With the production of this component the Ajusa history began. Today, in the company’s product range, there are components for most modern passenger and commercial vehicles as well as for special vehicles made by European and Asian manufacturers. Made from high quality materials using cutting edge technologies, for a long time Ajusa gaskets have been providing reliable sealing and preventing operating fluids from leaking out. Ajusa product range also includes gasket sets for cylinder heads.
  2. Cylinder head bolts. They have been produced under the Ajusa brand since 1993. The company offers components that fit all engine types with cylinder heads where angle tightening method is used.
  3. Hydraulic lifters. They have been among Ajusa product range since 1998. Today, this category of components is represented by more than 180 items.
  4. Camshafts. The company began the flow production of these components in 2002. Five years of research and development had preceded the start of the production. At present, Ajusa offers more than 1500 kinds of camshafts. These car parts feature high performance and low power consumption.
  5. Ajusil silicone sealant. Is an alternative to standard seals. It provides engine air-tightness.
  6. Turbo components. Have been rolling off the Ajusa production lines for more than ten years. Today, more than 800 sets are being offered including gas and oil gaskets, fitting elements (nuts, washers, studs) and oil syringes as well. These kits suit Garrett, Borg Warner, Holset turbines and some other.
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Customer reviews
AJUSA Gasket, intake manifold 13143700 Review

AJUSA Gasket, intake manifold 13143700

THIS LISTING IS FOR ONE GASKET. Buy TWO gaskets because your car is a V engine or you will feel like a fool buying only one!
AJUSA Gasket Set, cylinder head cover 56024500 Review

AJUSA Gasket Set, cylinder head cover 56024500

Price is low, don't know about quality yet, hope it'll be good.
AJUSA Seal Set, valve stem 57006100 Review

AJUSA Seal Set, valve stem 57006100

i could find the parts i reqiured and use your system easly
AJUSA Bolt Kit, cylinder head 81011000 Review
AJUSA Rocker / Tappet 85001600 Review
AJUSA Bolt Kit, cylinder head 81008800 Review
AJUSA Full Gasket Set, engine 50314000 Review
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