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Airtex is one of the largest world manufacturers of water and fuel pumps for all vehicle models. It is a part of the UCI group. Company’s products are popular worldwide. In company’s European catalogues, more than 1000 kinds water pumps and over 700 types of fuel pumps are represented.

Airtex Background

The History of the trade mark originates in 1935, when in Fairfield, Illinois, Benjamin J. Frankel together with his partners established a company that produced car parts for Chevrolet and Ford cars. The company developed rapidly, and over the first year of its existence, the entrepreneurs managed to open three factories and started the mass production of water pumps. Due to the well-thought governance, the business didn’t go bankrupt during the Second World War and it continued succeeding up to the present moment.

Today, the company’s structure has four divisions: Airtex Products, S.A. (Spain), SC Industries Inc. (the USA), Airtex Products (the USA) and TMM (Mexico). Its plants are located in the USA, Mexico, Canada, China, Spain and Great Britain. Annually, at the industrial facilities of the company several millions of water and fuel pumps are produced. Airtex components as used as original equipment by such leading car makers as Daimler AG, Ford Motor Сompany, General Motors, Tata Motors and others. Company’s products are also available on the aftermarket and belongs to mid-end. So, if you make up your mind to buy Airtex Car parts online, you’ll receive high quality goods without spending too much on them.

Airtex Car parts

  1. Water pumps. Made from high quality materials, subject to strict multi-level testing. Resistant to high pressure and corrosion. Ensure an optimal coolant flow. Feature high efficiency.
  2. Fuel pumps. In the Airtex catalogue, both electric and mechanical fuel pumps are presented. Often, are supplied together with mounting elements – O-ring, terminals, cables and corrugated hose.
  3. Timing belt kits. The Airtex’s selling proposition includes more than 190 their types. Kits might contain the following elements:
    • water pump;
    • tensioner;
    • timing belt;
    • idler pulley.
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