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Auto parts ALPINA B9
B9 FROM 11.1981
Car spares ALPINA D4
D4 FROM 09.2014
Car spares ALPINA B4
B4 FROM 03.2014
Vehicle spare parts ALPINA D10
D10 FROM 04.2000
Vehicle spare parts ALPINA B10
B10 FROM 12.1996
Automotive parts ALPINA D5
D5 FROM 09.2011
Automobile Spares ALPINA B5
B5 FROM 03.2005
Replacement parts ALPINA D3
D3 FROM 12.2005
Automotive parts ALPINA B3
B3 FROM 03.1999
Automobile Spares ALPINA B7
B7 FROM 12.2003
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Car parts for ALPINA

Alpina is a German Car manufacturing company which makes sports cars based on BMW standard models. It was established in 1965 by Burkard Bovensiepen. At present, it is located in Buchloe, Germany. In 2017, its staff was 250 employees.

The Alpina vehicles

The assembly of Alpina vehicles is carried out at BMW plants.These cars differ from standard models which they are based on in less body weight, modified engines, settings of transmission, compressors and additional intercooler of their own development and also tailor-made interior. Alpina parts are supplied by official BMW dealers and distributors.

At present, the model range of the company is presented by both high-speed sports cars and off-road vehicles. The line of available body styles includes saloons, five-door estate cars SUVs, coupes and convertibles.

Advantages of the Alpina vehicles

  • Excellent dynamic characteristics. One of the latest models of the brand – B5 Bi-Turbo — can accelerate to 100 kph in just 3.5 seconds. The maximum speed of the car can reach 330 km per hour and 4.4 l engine develops 608 hp. According to the results of the annual competition Sport Auto Award organised by competent German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, D4 Bi-Turbo Coupé was recognised as the best diesel sports car of 2017.
  • Excellent steerability. An anti-roll bar and stiff lowered springs prevent body rolls during cornering. When the “Sport +” suspension mode is on, the clearance is reduced by 20mm. Due to the displacement of the centre of gravity, the car stability increases driving at high speeds. The active rear steering prevents skidding while manoeuvring actively.
  • Stylish appearance. 20-inch, multi-spoke wheels which most cars of the brand are fitted with, as well as double chrome exhaust pipe, emphasize the sporty nature of these vehicles. The Deco-Set brand stickers make the car exterior recognisable.
  • Luxurious cabin. The interior is mostly trimmed with the Lavalina high-quality leather. No chemicals are used to currying it, therefore, the material does not have any unpleasant smell and is hypoallergenic. Brand rhombus embroidery, as well as inserts made from natural wood, are used as decorative elements. The plate with the serial number of the car is placed on the roof.

The best Alpina car parts

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