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Air filter for VW POLO: useful information
Technical information
  • Replacement interval every 60.000 km (36000 mi) / 2 years:
    • Polo III Hatchback (6N1)
    • II Hatchback (86C, 80)
    • II Coupe (86C, 80)
    • III Classic (6V2)
    • III Box Body / Hatchback (6N1)
    every 30.000 km (18000 mi) / 2 years:
    • Polo II Hatchback (86C, 80)
    • II Coupe (86C, 80)
    • II Classic (86C, 80)
    • II Van (86CF)
    every 60.000 km (36000 mi) / 4 years:
    • Polo III Classic (6V2)
    • III Variant (6V5)
    • III Hatchback (6N2)
    • IV Hatchback (9N)
    • IV Saloon (9A4, 9A2, 9N2, 9A6)
    • V Hatchback (6R1, 6C1)
    • V Van (6R)
    • VI (AW1, BZ1)
    every 90.000 km (54000 mi) / 6 years:
    • Polo V Hatchback (6R1, 6C1)
    • V Van (6R)
    • VI (AW1, BZ1)
  • Parts recommended for simultaneous replacement as part of a service kit
    • Wiper Blade
    • Engine Oil
    • Oil Filter
    • Filter, interior air
    • Fuel filter
List price of Air filter for VW POLO
  • Minimum price £ 1,00
  • Maximum price £ 182,00
Definitions of OBD 2 fault codes for VW POLO
  • p0299 -

How do I tell if the air filter on my Volkswagen Polo needs replacement?

Usually, signs of a clogged component are engine power loss and reduced vehicle dynamics. The engine may become difficult to start. Fuel consumption increases. Due to improper formation of air-and-fuel mixture, fuel fails to burn completely, which results in increased build-up of carbon deposits on the spark plugs and engine misfiring. You may smell petrol inside the car, especially when starting the engine. The engine begins to run rough, often louder than usual. The “Check Engine” dashboard warning light may go on.

What are the air filter types for this model?

Depending on the production year and engine type, cars of this make can be equipped with cylindrical or panel filters. Apart from the shape, the components vary in dimensions, that is why it is especially important to choose the spare parts in precise accordance with the specifications of your very car version.

Apart from the filtering elements designed for installing in cars’ standard housings, there are high flow air filters used for tuning purposes. It is advisable to install them on versions with high-performance engines. Consult specialists before making a decision to install this type of component.

Can I clean the air filter on Volkswagen Polo in some way?

Only high flow air filters can be cleaned. They should be washed using special cleaners and then impregnated. As for conventional paper ones, they are useable only once. They cannot be cleaned. So if the part is clogged, replace it.

Can I replace the air filter on my car of this model myself?

For most car versions, the replacement procedure is simple and only takes a few minutes. All you have to do is to lift the bonnet, find where the housing is located, disconnect the crankcase ventilation hose from it, unscrew the fasteners of the lid with a screwdriver or screw gun and take the lid off. Remove the used part and install the new one to its place. When doing the job, act carefully to prevent the dirt that settled on the filtering element from getting into the air duct.

On some versions, the engine cover acts as the filter housing. To take out the filtering element, you will have to remove the cover and disconnect crankcase ventilation hoses, unscrew the fasteners, take out the old part, and install the new one to its place. This procedure also takes very little time.

There are versions where the filtering element is located in the wheel housing. So you need to read the manual carefully before getting down to work.

When is it necessary to replace the air filter on Volkswagen Polo?

Usually it is advisable to replace the component once a year or every 15,000 kilometres. But if the car is used in severe dusty conditions, you may need to install the new part earlier, sometimes even after 5,000 kilometres.

Why does this component need to be replaced?

The air coming into the car engine through the intake system contains dust, dirt, insects, leaves, particles of soot and bitumen, various foreign objects. In the course of time, all of this settles on the filtering element surface, and impairs its filtering performance. As a result, less air is supplied to the engine, which adversely affects its operation. In old or poor quality components, paper media can be torn, which may lead to uncleaned air getting into the combustion chambers and cause premature wear-out of engine elements.

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