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Car parts for ACURA

Acura is a Japanese car brand. Established by the Honda company in 1984. Acura vehicles were the first Japanese luxury cars. At first, Honda was focused on the USA market, later it started to develop on the European market.

The Acura vehicles

The first cars of the company – the Legend and Integra models – were produced in 1986. As soon as they were manufactured, the cars were honoured with a number of prestigious awards. In particular, in 1987, the Legend model was recognised as the “Import Car of the Year” according to the Motor Trend magazine and a little bit later, in 1988 it became the best selling luxury car in the United States of America.

At present, the model range of the company is presented by coupes, saloons, convertibles, crossovers and SUVs. The assembly of cars and production of Acura parts are performed in the USA and Japan.

Advantages of the Acura vehicles

  • Excellent steerability. The Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system controls the vehicle weight distribution while driving and it directs torque from the engine to the required wheel. This helps to save fuel, increase the off-road performance of the car, makes it more stable when accelerating, prevents skidding while manoeuvring. The Agile Handling Assist and Vehicle Stability Assist systems improve steering response and provide smooth cornering.
  • Powerful engines. The models of the brand are equipped with the Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control(VTEC) system. It is one of the most famous technologies of the Honda company which allows to make high power engines preserving small engine displacement without any additional equipment. For example, the RDX with the 3 l engine can produce up to 249 hp.
  • Comfortable cabin. Heated seats trimmed with perforated leather make it comfortable for the driver and passengers of any height to sit in the car. Seat and side mirror memory position system and the climate control memory help drivers to adjust quickly the settings to their needs.
  • Elegant appearance. A real decoration of the exterior is the Jewel Eye LED optics. Low beam is produced by six separate LED lamps, each of them is fitted with its own lens. Light dissipates in a certain way to light the road better and not to dazzle oncoming drivers. High beam allows to make out obstacles 200 milliseconds faster than usual which equals to 5 m when going at a speed of 95 kph.

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