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Radiator grilles

This car element is not only a decorative part of the body, but also has a protective function. The main function is to protect the radiator parts from dirt, road dust and foreign objects. In addition, the grille has a significant impact on the appearance of the car. If we regard the grille as a part of tuning, it can not only adjust the design, but also change its appearance as a whole.

Strength is a very important factor when choosing radiator grille as it protects one of the most important car components. Second, car owners should pay attention to the grille weight. If it is too heavy, car body will warp little by little. However, both these properties contradict sometimes, since the protective function gives in to design and vice versa. Of course, designers of well-known car brands find compromise on this issue and create incredibly beautiful grilles made of a very light alloys.

Of course, the most common cases of radiator grille replacement are direct damage or damaged caused by a foreign object in the road.

Off-road vehicles have additional protection for this component. It is provided by a bow and in case of a stroke grille is usually not affected. Sedans and hatchbacks do not have such bow. Still, in some cases car owners of such kind of cars do buy this car part.

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